What QR Code, Barcode?| How Does It Work

You must have seen QR codes and barcodes used in many places. They can be found on any of your parcels, on a book, on a soft drink bottle, or on your t-shirt. Barcodes are usually much more common and many long lines can be seen in them. Moreover, smartphone users, today know about the QR code. You must use this code to download various apps, visit any site online. Today, I will discuss in detail how to hide what information is hidden between these white, long lines and square black houses, and how your scanner or smartphone can read them. So with no chatter, let’s get started.


Friends, what information is stored inside a long white line at the barcode — and much smaller information can be stored here. But after storing any data it is also possible to read that information easily, you do not need to enter any number or code manually, you can access all the information only by scanning the code.

What QR Code, Barcode?| How Does It Work

If you are a store owner, Barcode will help you to manage your product. Suppose you have 3 types of items in your store, and each one has a different type of barcode. Now when a product is sold, it will be possible for your store employee to scan the code and easily find out the price of that product, how much the product is in stock, how much is sold, and so on. You, as a customer, can also scan the product code for the product and find out a lot of information, such as the name of the product manufacturer, the date the product was created.

Now let’s talk about barcode reader, how it works. See, a number is usually stored inside the barcode — that is, any number from 5 through 5 can be stored in it, and those numbers can be inserted into different numbers. Separate numbers are stored on each long line. Now from the scanner, laser light is thrown at the code. No reflection is returned to the scanner from the black area of ​​the code and light reflection from the white area is returned. Now the light from which light is not coming is 1 and the light from which it is returned is assumed as 1. Now by dividing these numbers into different segments, the receiver on the scanner can easily read the code.

QR Code

What QR Code, Barcode?| How Does It Work

You must have used the QR code on any product, on a ticket, on a newspaper ad, or on a website online. This code contains many dot dots and the entire code is located in a square cell. Like ordinary barcodes, it is possible to read with a scanner, so it is possible to easily fetch stored data from it.

QR codes to barcode or 2D barcode and have been called. In general barcodes, information is hidden within their segments, but in QR code it is possible to store a lot of information between its simplest and many dots at the same time. Before learning how this code works, let’s learn about the special benefits of using it.

Benefits Of Using 2D Barcode

What QR Code, Barcode?| How Does It Work
  • More data conservation:  Yes friends, it is possible to store a lot of information at one time in the QR code. Normal barcodes have long black lines, so it is not possible to store more information – it is usually possible to save a dozen digits (if a dozen digits are sufficient to recognize a product, but not much work is possible). Unless the normal barcode is lengthened, it will not be possible to draw more information. But due to the 2D barcode or QR code being square and accessing the information from two sides it is possible to save a lot of data without increasing it in size. Generally, 2D barcodes can represent any information in up to 25 characters.
  • The least mistake is: If any part of the general barcode is lost or the stain falls on it, there is a lot of problem with getting information about it. This is because only a few long lines are used to store the information. It has no system to back up any data. But in the 2D barcode, the same information is saved multiple times in a separate form. As a result, one information is not accessed but another is obtained from it. So even though the code is damaged, there is no problem with the QR code.
  • Information is much easier to read:  2D barcodes can be easily read using digital cameras of smartphones and tablet computers. So no special scanner is needed to read QR code. This code makes it much easier to read even after having a lot of information.
  • Very easy to send: It is possible to send  QR code from one cellphone to another via a simple message.
  • More secure: It is possible to encrypt the data stored inside friends so it is more secure than ordinary QR code.

How Does QR Code Store Any Information?

Normal QR codes and all these types of code are designed to be read by the machine, not for human readers. So these codes have a specific feature by which they store information.

What QR Code, Barcode?| How Does It Work
  1. Silent area:  This part of a QR code basically helps to separate the code from the print copy. This white area is usually inside the whole square and inside the dot.
  2. Indicator:  This is the three quadrilateral cells located at the three corners of the code, this code helps identify the QR code. Moreover, these three cells indicate to the scanner exactly where the code is held — and scan it accordingly and try to read its contents.
  3.  Sorting pattern: This section indicates whether the code can be used to encrypt its data. This is possible even after the code has been damaged.
  4. Timing pattern:  This pattern is both longitudinal and flat — and this pattern is surrounded by three major indicator patterns located at three corners. This timing pattern helps identify individual data cells within the QR code — especially when the code is damaged.
  5. Version Information: There are many versions of the  QR Code Standard; Information about this version is fitted with two square cells in the main pointer — and indicates which version is used in the code.
  6. Data cells:  Every dot and square cell in the QR code is used only for pointing things out, not them. Many of them store original data and call it data cells.


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