What Is Malware

You must have heard the names of malware, viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. all internet and computer users. Now, what is all this stuff? How can they make your system worse? And how can you avoid them? I’m going to write today’s post on these issues. Friends, as much as you know, heard, watched, heard about the malware, leave my request all on one site. And let’s get to know everything in a fresh way.

Malware ???

Malware’s full name is Malicious Software. That is, it is some kind of software program that takes exactly that, and bad luck can make your whole computer go awry if it enters your computer. Now let’s talk about where this malware can access your system. See, the most common source of an attack on your computer today is the Internet. 

What Is Malware

If you are on a malicious website on the internet, if you download a pirated movie, if you download pirated software and games, if you click on a malicious ad on a malicious website, or if you have a malicious email, your computer is infected with malware. May be Without online, your computer may be infected offline. If you come from an unknown source, CD, DVD,

Now let’s talk about the types of malware. It is mainly seen in 3 types. Namely, viruses, Trojans, and worms. These 3 guys are different things and are always ready to harm your computer in different ways. Let’s talk about these virtual monsters in detail.

Virus ???

Let’s talk first about the virus. What the virus does is, it can break into your system and disable some fragmented and specific files. Suppose you have a Word document, now if it is infected with a virus, I can no longer open that document. Or the file may be completely corrupted or converted to junk. 

It may also be that the virus can completely wipe out your entire word processing software. In this case, if you copy a file or share it with someone, then the virus-infected can enter the other computer and make that computer obsolete.

Worms ???

Now let’s discuss another category of malware worms. What worms do, it usually tries to multiply itself. This means if your computer is infected with worms, it will create many similar files on your computer and slow down your system. And if you copy something from your computer to another computer, it will infect that computer as well. And in the same way, thousands of files will be created by repeatedly creating folders of the same name and slowing down your system.

Trojan ???

Now let’s talk about Trojan, another category of malware. A trojan is one of the most clever types of malware. Because it can access your computer in disguise. You may think this is a real software but Trojan does damage your system by accessing your computer. 

For example, many memory cleaners can be seen, which, after clicking, it seems that your memory is cleared. Also, Trojan can also be seen in the form of various antivirus, speed booster. You may think that your memory will be cleared or the computer will speed up. But once this thing enters your computer, it will look really, and your system will start to slow down. And not only will the speed of your computer slow down, your stomach will not digest it, but your computer will have various viruses, worms.

Ways To Avoid Malware

The first way to look is to use your full ideas and caution. You use your Common Sense. Try to visit websites that are on the Internet as a trusted site. A popular, large, and trusted site is usually not malicious. Avoid access by clicking the link on any website. 

What Is Malware

If you are visiting a website, you should never click on the ad, “Win iPhone, click here” or “Remove all viruses on your computer” etc. Also, if you ever get mail that says, “You have won so many million lotteries” or “Get the latest offer for you that antivirus is free for 5 years”, then never open mail. Or never download files that come with mail. So focusing on these things online can help prevent your computer from getting infected.

Also, I would say use good antivirus as well as internet security. But keep in mind that this antivirus software is a paid version and a licensed version. If you use free antivirus or pirated antivirus, listen to me, it will not benefit you in the slightest. On the contrary, you may be infected with the Trojan. So, in my opinion, any paid version of any company whether you have antivirus or antimalware.

Also, if you do not use any type of pirated content, it creates a greater level of protection for you. Although there is not always a virus inside pirated movies or software, it can sometimes be. Also, before inserting a CD, DVD, or pen drive into your computer, consider whether they came from a trusted source. 

Because many times a minute copy-paste can be responsible for damaging your entire computer. If you have a paid version of antivirus, in this case, it is much better. If not, consider it best before inserting a CD, DVD, or pen drive. Once you make the mistake of entering these virtual anvils on your computer, you may suffer a lot.

I’m Already Infected With Malware, What Should I Do?

If your computer is already infected with various viruses, you can make your computer free of malware by a good antivirus or antimalware. Many times, many antiviruses and anti-malware software can not clean your PC. In this case, your computer’s hard drive can be completely erased and prevent this attack. In addition to these, using a firewall is a very important thing. 

What Is Malware

You can read this post I wrote for details about the firewall. So you can use a good firewall to increase your Internet security. If you use an Internet security antivirus, you will also get a strong firewall, You can use it. And with the help of it, any unwanted things that come to you online will not come to you. And thus you can make your computer more secure.

The Last Word

Friends hope this post discussed with firewall, malware, virus, Trojan, worms will be of great use to you. And you know the details about these things. Please be sure to comment below to provide any questions or comments you have. 

And since the post has been read by you, share it with your friends. If you are new to this blog, bookmark this site. That’s why I talk to you about various technologies and security constantly. So be sure to make regular visits.


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