What is Boot Loader

Boot Loader

Guys let’s talk first about boot loader. The boot loader is a code that runs on your phone first. It checks to see if your Android system is working properly, and everything is working properly. And it also checks to see if any files are missing. So after checking all of these things, your Android runs out, and you can start doing just fine.

What is Boot Loader

Boot loaders are generally of two types: one locked and the other unlocked. The boot loader unlocking process is done separately on different phones. If you talk about some Nexus phones it is very easy to unlock there, with just one click it can be unlocked. Unlock on Samsung or HTC phones is a bit difficult to unlock. 

But after unlocking the boot loader you can flash custom ROM or custom recovery etc. on your phone. A locked boot loader will never allow you to do this. The reason why a phone maker company locks their phone boot loader is that they never want a user to flash the phone with any software they want. They always want a user to use the software they have provided with the phone by default.

Many of you have also heard that after rooting the phone and flashing the custom ROM, the phone has gone into a boot loop and the phone is not on. If you do not do the flushing properly, the phone may go into a boot loop. As I said before the phone is on, the boot loader checks all the files. If you see that everything is OK then turn on the phone and if any file is missing, the boot loader re starts Android and the same process happens repeatedly and your phone goes into a boot loop.

The Kernel

Let’s talk about the kernel. See that every operating system has a kernel. Be it Windows or Linux or Android and anything else. The kernel is a bridge between software and hardware. That means the software requests the kernel whenever the hardware is needed and the kernel completes the request. Or if the hardware wants to communicate with the software, that too is done through the kernel.

What is Boot Loader

For example, suppose you tap the Google Voice Search icon on your phone. This means you have to do some searching on Google using your voice. So whenever you have tapped in the place, the information on the touch screen of your phone has gone to the point where you have tapped the words. The touch screen then sends the information to the kernel that has been tapped in the specified location, then the kernel provides the information to the software. 

Once the software receives that information and understands what you are searching for, then the software sends a request to the kernel that tells Zeno’s microphone to turn on and tells Zeno software what the user has said. The kernel then tells the microphone to go on, then lets your phone hear what you say and your search is complete.

So the kernel is a bridge between your phone’s software and hardware. And with that, both of them are able to bond with the two. If you change the kernel of your phone, it will allow you to increase the performance of your phone, slow down the performance of the phone, you can also increase the battery life if you wish.


See a Recovery is a tool that you can compare to your computer’s bios. Even though this is not exactly bios, you can still compare for example. However, recovery is generally of two types, stock recovery, and custom recovery. See, on every Android phone, whatever the company, there is stock recovery. And that stock recovery is provided by the manufacturer of the phone. And with that recovery you can flash the official ROM on your phone, you can backup your existing ROM, you can delete your phone, wipe the phone, format the phone, install some more. So you can do all of these with the help of stock recovery.

What is Boot Loader

But if you flash your phone using a custom ROM, you can enjoy many more options from stock recovery. A custom recovery allows you to flash custom ROMs, you can flash the kernel, you can flash different themes on the phone if you want. That is, you can easily do all the things that do not allow you to do stock recovery. Custom Recovery allows you to format your phone, flash modes as you wish, backup your phone and more. If you root your phone and are thinking of doing a lot of advanced things with your phone, a custom recovery will be perfect for you.


ROM is simply called read-only memory. But knowing its full name is difficult to guess. Inside the ROM lies the entire software of your phone. And with the phone turned on, everything that starts to happen starts with the ROM. You can read everything from ROM but you can’t change or change anything. That is, ROM will only provide you with information from your phone, but you will not be able to edit or add anything there.

What is Boot Loader

There are also two types of ROMs, the stock ROM, and the custom ROM. Stock ROM is what Google manufactures and provides to various companies. But different android developers make some changes to that ROM in a specific way for specific phones and this custom ROM is custom ROM. Suppose you are LG G1 Using So the ROM that LG has a flash with that phone or what you have been using since you purchased it is LG stock ROM. 

But if you want to change that, a custom ROM will need to be flash on your phone with a custom recovery and using the custom ROM can completely change the entire interface of your phone. And you can use a lot of advanced features on your phone. Depending on which custom ROM you have flashed, depending on how many advanced features you can use. One of the most popular custom ROMs is Cyanogen mode, which is easily available for the latest phones and is the most commonly used. Also, many developers have found many ROMs that they have changed from stock ROMs. And by using them you can give your phone a different level.


If you’ve heard a lot about flashing or flashing for so long, let’s get to know about it. See what is actually installed called flushing. When we install something, it is done on an operating system. But flushing means removing everything from the previously clean and installing it with a fresh clean. Normally the phone’s ROM is changed by the flash. You can flash with stock ROM or you can also flash the phone with custom ROM with custom recovery. And this thing is basically called Flashing or Flashing.


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