To become a beauty queen on Instagram, give lips perfect looks with these 7 tips, then make a pout.

At present, it is not wrong to say the social media era because it is a platform where everyone is becoming famous through their art, whether it is a boy or a girl. If you are not on social media but want people to call you by the name of beauty queen then this article is for you. 

Do Follow these 7 Steps to give perfect looks to your Lips

Yes, if you are going to create an account on Instagram or other social media forums, or you have the idea of ​​writing your first beauty blog so that you get in the public eye and become famous like other bloggers, then the answer is here. If you are an ordinary girl who does not know the art of applying lipstick, then in this article, learn such methods that will give you a perfect look to your lips. 

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A colorful shade lipstick works to instantly update your look. You can try red-colored lipstick or nude shade to get the perfect pout. It is very important to change the colors of lipstick for the perfect pout. A well-applied lipstick works to increase your sexuality and if you always have trouble applying lipstick, then we are going to tell you the way to apply lipstick, which will help your lips to make your perfect pout.

Step 1

Moisturize your lips with hydrating lip balm to get perfect looks. Clean it immediately if you have the excessive balm, otherwise, it can also be applied on the cheeks around your lips if you feel it. Due to this, your photos will also not be good and you will not enjoy taking photos.

These 7 things will give you the perfect looks to your lips.

Step 2

Sharpen your lip liner and make a bow on the center of the upper part of your lip. Then make a bow on the lower part of your lips.

Step 3

Now make a bow in the corners of both your upper lips and lower lips. Try to follow the natural shape of your lips. Once you locate your cupid’s bow, start at the highest point of your natural lip and draw a straight line extending down from that point. Repeat on the other side of your top lip to make an X.

Step 4

These 7 things will give you the perfect looks to your lips.

Now combine both corners with a bow made in the center with your sharp lip pencil. By doing this your lipstick will not come out of your lips and will not spread will give you perfect looks. By doing this, you will not have to look at the lips repeatedly in the mirror to see if your lipstick has spread anywhere.

Step 5

These 7 things will give you the perfect looks to your lips.

Use lip brush while using lipstick and use the brush within the lip line itself. Use the brush from the center to the line. By doing this your lipstick will not spread and your lip color will remain for a long time. Doing this will also save you time because you have to go to the washroom again and again because of lipstick color fade. That’s why to use a brush.

Step 6

Now you are all set to apply lipstick. Start applying lipstick between the lips and then apply lipstick on your upper and lower lips with a light hand. When applying lipstick, pay attention to maintaining the lip line.

Step 7

These 7 things will give you the perfect looks to your lips.

When the lips are ready for the colors, prepare them, as I said, with concealer so that it will be easier for you to draw the shape of the cupid’s bow better and the result will look more natural.
Now take the lip liner and draw two triangles at the upper lip. Then trace the corners of the mouth and connect the lines altogether.
When you apply lipstick between your lips, then start applying lipstick on the corners. By doing this you will be able to apply lipstick correctly.


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