Intel Processor Vs AMD Processor

If you are thinking about buying a laptop or desktop and are hesitant to buy an Intel processor or an AMD processor. However, in today’s post, I will tell you whether Intel or AMD will be suitable for your budget and needs.

I know this question comes to the mind of more and more people when it comes to buying laptops or desktops. The specifications of all the rest of the components may be easily removed, but in the processor’s case, everyone is left wondering, whether Intel or AMD? So many times in this situation the shopkeeper takes advantage of your disadvantages and may even get you a processor that is not right for you. 

And later on, you have no choice but to regret it. So let’s try to explain to you today which processor would be best suited to your specific budget and specific needs. Before delving into the details, let me tell you a few things, see, I am not going to compare this processor with any benchmark score. And I wouldn’t say that the Intel processor’s Umuk model is as good or AMD’s Tumk model is better. 

If I was thinking of comparing it in this direction, the layout, the architecture, there will be a need to discuss several important issues, including technology, etc. And by comparing all these things, you will become more confused. So I will try to explain in simple language that the Intel processor will be good for you or the AMD processor will be suitable. Today we will compare 3 points.

  • Price
  • Power
  • Performance


If we were to compare prices starting at Rs. If you imagine the scale of a serial number from 1 to 5, then Intel’s price ranges from 1 to 5 on the dominant scale and AMD’s price is 2 to 3. In this case, if you compare side by side, you can get the AMD processor a little cheaper. 

Intel Processor Vs AMD Processor

Based on this point I would say if you are thinking of buying a budget laptop or PC, then, in this case, you should buy an AMD processor, as compared to Intel. Because when you buy a low-cost laptop or a desktop with an Intel processor, you will not see such a good performance as a low-cost AMD processor will provide you. 

Suppose you are thinking of buying a laptop of 20 thousand, Between 20 thousand or 20 thousand, however, buying AMD may be more appropriate for you. Or you might be thinking of building a PC, but if you have a much lower budget, AMD will be your right choice.


The second thing is power. At this stage, my decision to reverse has been completely reversed. Because AMD processors lose a lot of power compared to Intel processors. Intel’s chip voltage is about 5% lower than AMD’s, so Intel will lose much less power. 

Intel Processor Vs AMD Processor

In this case, in my opinion, if you can increase your budget a little bit, you will get an Intel processor laptop of around 3-5 thousand, which is Intel i5 and i3. In AMD you will not get good battery life. But since the battery is not thought of on the desktop, AMD will be good for you to get good performance in a low budget.


If friends now talk about high-end performance. If you are looking to buy a laptop for 1 or 3 thousand rupees or 1 lakh, or if you are planning to build a high-end PC, then the proof of knowing this situation is that you buy an Intel processor-based computer. Because of the high-end, the performance you get from Intel is many times higher than AMD.

Intel Processor Vs AMD Processor

Another thing is very important, if you talk about desktop if you think about changing your processor later, the processor socket on the motherboard will have more options for Intel, compared to AMD. If you plan to do a lot of high-end work, think you will do sound production or video production, then Intel will be better than AMD. Speaking of laptops, almost all of the above 3,000 laptops are available with Intel because AMD has no such options.

Now think you’re building a desktop just for gaming but in my opinion, AMD will be the best for you. Why talk about low-end PCs and without a separate graphics card, but on a lower-priced PC, AMD’s graphics will look better than Intel’s. And with AMD, you can get a fair amount of gaming on a low budget PC.

If you are talking about a mid-budget gaming PC, my decision is that you buy an AMD cheap processor and save some money from the processor and put on a good GPU. And in doing so, you get a lot more gaming and graphics performance than Intel.

So these things are as simple as water. If you talk about good performance, then there is no doubt that Intel’s performance is much better than the AMD processor. You say the words of Higher and PC and Lower and PC. But when comparing prices to the lower end, think your budget is 5 bucks, on a scale of 1 to 5. 

So if you think about buying this Intel, you will find Intel’s lowest model and slightly better performance than Intel on AMD. Comparing it this way may seem like AMD’s performance is better. But if you compare Intel’s number 2 with AMD’s level 2, which is the lowest level processor (which is also Intel’s lowest processor), then you will see more benefits at Intel.

Intel Processor, Not AMD Processor

I don’t want to confuse you anymore. Because you’re already in such a dilemma. Let’s now combine all the decisions. First of all, you need to buy a budget PC, so there are no more options, buy straight AMD, be it a laptop and a desktop. If you need a high end, take Intel without hesitation. 

Intel Processor Vs AMD Processor

If you want to game and on the desktop, then take AMD and spend some money on the GPU to get a lot of good gaming performance. And if you want to edit audio-video or do more high-end work, Intel and if you want everything to be fairly average, then Intel will be the best for you. You can buy a good quality Intel Laptop or Desktop if you invest 4-5 thousand.

The Last Word

I know I’ve covered a lot of things that are supposed to make today’s post easier so you can be confused. However, if you can understand the essence of the post, I hope you can select the right processor for you. And the next time you think about buying a PC, you should not hesitate to talk about the processor. Moreover, if it becomes a problem to decide, then I am. If you have any questions, please comment below. And yes, of course, don’t forget to share the post.


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