How To Choose The Best Domain Name?
How To Choose The Best Domain Name?

Want to start a new online business? Or create a new blog and share your deadly ideas? – Of course, you need a domain name, a domain name is the digital address of your carrier! If choosing the domain name goes wrong, you will lose some customers at Legit, they will move to the store next to you!

If you choose the right domain name, the customer will enter your website, not just a big deal for selling something, but the big word will spread your name, your product people will visit! And there is one thing you know, that is what it sells! But the question is, how to choose the best domain name?

What Is A Domain Name?

Early on the Internet, but no domain name was necessary. To access a website, a number called IP address would have to be used, such as – this is Google’s IP address, you will be able to access the Google.Com webpage even by logging into this IP browser.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name?

But the problem started when the internet started to grow drastically. As the number of websites starts to move from hundreds to thousands and millions, then the IP address of each site becomes an almost impossible factor to remember. The computer may remember numbers, but we humans are more adept at remembering words!

Then comes the Domain Name Idea, which is also used IP. But you do not have to remember the IP address when the domain name is entered into the browser, the browser finds an IP address from the database called DNS and connects to the server and downloads the webpage!

Select Names That Are Easy To Remember

Do not forget why the domain name system was born so that the name can be easily remembered. There is a limit to the memory of human beings, we are not good at remembering numbers when it comes to different numbers. However, neuroscience does not want to get too deep into the science, before choosing a domain name, keep it in mind so that anyone can easily remember the name.

Difficult to say, but the smaller the name of the word, the better it is, especially since it does not select more than 4-5 names. I would say try to find a small name that you can repress as a brand. Always remember, “9h is better” – most of the domains in the Alexa High-Rank are short!

Insert the word domain that people usually use, that will be good to remember. Or you might think it sounds cool and likes the name, did you hear Spotify’s name right? This is a large audio streaming service provider. Do you know how this name was born? The two founders of this company were shouting in two separate rooms in the same house and were suggesting each other’s domain names. Then one mistakenly listens to a name that is “Spotify” then the name is born.

However, it is important to remember some more Matter, that the name should be easy to remember and easy to type and also easy to pronounce. If your visitor’s name is spelled out for the day, then the website will be closed before opening. So it’s best to listen to the name you choose at least 5, then most of them if you find it hard to pronounce, you need to make the name easier.

Add A Keyword To The Name

If the keyword is associated with the domain name, there is no word, which is exactly what Sohaga says in gold. Keywords are used in 5% domain performance. If you use the keyword down the domain, you get a boost in SEO. However, it is not always the key that you must use. If possible, you can use the domain name if it is still nice after using the keyword and the name is not premium. But it is not necessary to use a keyword.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name?

Using keywords can help search engines understand what your website is related to, as well as the users and benefits. But remember, using a keyword like this is never appropriate. – The example used here is “Buy Cheap Books and Pens” as a keyword, you can get a good idea about the website just by looking at the name, but think how many people will remember such a big name?

The biggest challenge right now is finding a good domain name by targeting keywords that are still free and perfect. However, if you do not find it does not make sense to buy, but if you do not find it then it is not necessary to add a keyword. Select a name that is short, easy to remember, brandable, easy to write, easy to pronounce. The “” domain name is much more brandable than “”, no matter what the keyword!

Select The Correct Extension

The .com extension was king for all time and yet its reign is right there! But it is difficult to find a preferred name with dot com, where almost all the domains are booked. However, there are many different domain extensions you can use if you want, this won’t be a problem.

Especially if you want to create a site for Bangladesh, then .com is more welcomed, many people understand the web address as .com. But almost all domain extensions to search engines factor inseam, content and SEO method.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name?

There are many .com domains that are sold as a premium for anyone to buy first. Although buying a premium domain for a new website is not recommended, it is always best to find the preferred .com domain in the regular price!

Many new extensions have been added, which will directly reproduce your site category. Such as – .tech, .science, .shop, .xyz, etc.! – They can say modern trends are just as cheap as prices.

Can Buy Expired Domain

Many beautiful names may have been booked before, but the domain may not have been renewed. You can also buy domains of that type if you wish. However, there are both good or bad things, so you need to keep some things in mind.

Why Buy An Expired Domain?

Backlinks are created in advance of the old domain, where you can get some visitors immediately after purchasing the domain. Old domains may have high domain authority ratings. Moreover, the domain may be in the high page rankings, Google still follows the page rankings, so you can get a boost in SEO if you buy the old domain.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name?

You can find outdated domains like or Your new site may start to perform well after just a slight boost.

Why Be Cautious When Buying An Expired Domain?

First, you need to Google to see if the domain you are trying to buy was reproduced by a brand and whether that brand still exists. If not then you can go after the legal troubles and when registering the brand in your name, the trouble will be.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name?

Many people do not just renew the domain for this, the name may be blacklisted from Google or banned from AdSense, it will expire before your site starts. Moreover, many spam sites in the old domain may have backlinks, they cannot be used at all. Using this tool, you can check backlinks.

Names That Should Be Avoided In The Selection

First, refrain from choosing names that contain double letters, which can lead to spelling mistakes and your site traffic. Domain names such can often create confusion and people will make spelling mistakes. If you omit the double letter, it will be cleaner to look and type the name and be brandable.

The domain will never use a hyphen, never! Most of the time, hyphens are used in spam domains. Suppose a legacy site name now scammers cheat people by creating a site with the name Think about it, if it was rather than, would it be so popular? “I have enough doubts!”

Here Are Some Tools For Finding Domain Names

It’s very important that the domain name is short, unique, and brandable. Without choosing a branding ready name, your domain will never be a perfect choice. Research has shown that most of the time people buy products based on brand validation, you have to create a better brand, and the choice of a brandable domain will be triggered.

How To Choose The Best Domain Name?

Think about it, today’s most high ranking sites are in the domain names but in the brandable category. For example – Google, Amazon, IBM, Tesla, Yahoo – and so on.

These tools will help you to choose the best domain name, but it’s up to you to choose which name you want. Combine all the factors and select a cleaver name. I know choosing domain names is a bit confusing, but hopefully, by using these points, things will get a bit easier.

Buy It Fast

After following all the strategies you might find a perfect domain name, so what’s the delay? The next step is to simply register the domain name as well. Many extensions can be purchased at ExelNode at a discount, and they instantly activate the domain, meaning that no one else can buy your domain.

Many times, many people find the preferred name very difficult, you do not have to take the risk of getting a domain registration every second.

The article was undoubtedly very large, but even then it could not be encoded in all the items, and it was not possible to include them in a single article. But hopefully, you’ve got a fairly good idea for choosing a perfect domain name. Let’s take a look back at all the tips …

Just follow these tips when registering a new domain…

  • Choose an easy name
  • Please choose a shorter name
  • Select names that are easy to spell
  • Select names that are easy to pronounce
  • Love the brand name
  • Avoid using hyphens, numbers, double words with names
  • Add keywords to the domain if needed and do not interrupt the above term
  • Be sure to check if you are using a copyright name
  • Of course, select the best extensions, though .com is first recommended but there are many new extensions now that are smart in name and price, they can be used as well.
  • If the idea of ​​a good name doesn’t come up in the head, use the domain name generator tools
  • You can buy expired or old domains by doing enough research
  • As soon as you find the name you want to register for, it will not be too late


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