These Best 7 Exercises for Stronger and greater Arms
These Best 7 Exercises for Stronger and greater Arms

Arms are one of the main parts of our body in bodybuilding like every other body part perfect workout of arms is the key to developing bigger and stronger arms. Usually, a lot of gym beginners search for how they can make their muscles or arms bigger and stronger and many of them choose the wrong track by using steroids.

Steroids or any other short cut of making a good body is a very bad thing it has a lot of side effects, so ignoring all that crap thing just focus on hard work and believe in yourself. Arms give the most appealing look in their body and that’s why many people keeping this is in priority want to get their arms in good muscular shape. Doing workout is not an easy task, it needs a lot of energy, good technique and full range of motion, But besides training, they also need a portion of healthy food to grow their muscles and a good amount of rest.

So guys today we’ll focus on how to make your muscles and arms stronger and bigger, In this post, we are going to share with you seven best exercises for your arms and we also make you sure that below given exercises and its procedure of doing is provided by professional gym trainers. so, let’s wait no time and get started.

7 Workout Tips for Bigger and Stronger Arms

  • Close grip bench press – three sets of 5-6 reps – superset with
  • Close grip chin-ups – three sets of 5-6 reps
  • Triceps Dips – three sets of ten reps – superset with
  • EZ free weight curl – three sets of ten reps
  • Dumbbell striated muscle extension – three sets of 12-15 reps – superset with
  • Seated dumbbell curls – three sets of 12-15 reps
  • Preacher Curls – three sets of 10-12 reps


Close Grip Bench Press

This exercise is most likely the single best workout for constructing toughness and mass in your triceps muscles. Due to the nature of the workout, you will certainly have the ability to pick huge weights.

These Best 7 Exercises for Stronger and greater Arms

So, Increase the weights as per your stamina on every set of exercises and also make use of a weight that you could press 5-6 times to fail in the last set. Relax 30 seconds after every set and move on to your next exercise close grip chin-ups.

Close Grip Chin-ups

Close grip chin-ups are mostly an excellent back workout, but they also function the arms majorly. Attempt to swing as little as possible and also try to keep the focus on pulling with your arms rather than your back.

Triceps Dips

These Best 7 Exercises for Stronger and greater Arms

The third best workout for developing solid and huge triceps muscles. You must make sure to use a narrow grip between two hands and also not allow your shoulders to go down listed below your arm joints on your way down. If the dips are difficult to do you could make use of the dips machine.

EZ barbell curl

These Best 7 Exercises for Stronger and greater Arms

EZ barbell curl is the fourth exercise in a row, EZ bar is much better compared to a straight bar because you hold it places both your wrists and joints in an extra natural placement compared to a straight bar. Raise the weight on every collection of the set and pick a weight that enables you to do 10 reps to failure on the last set.

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Dumbbell triceps extension

These Best 7 Exercises for Stronger and greater Arms

This exercise makes a seclusion motion, an excellent exercise for pumping your triceps. Remember this is your last exercise of triceps so maintain the weight reduced and simply maintain the blood flowing in the triceps muscles.

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Seated dumbbell curls

These Best 7 Exercises for Stronger and greater Arms

A fantastic independent exercise that is most likely to offer you a wonderful pump in your arms. Maintain the weights reduced as well as do 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Preacher Curls

Preacher Curls last but the least exercise of muscles, this exercise will pump your biceps to a great level, keep the weight normal and do 3 sets of 10 reps each set and just keep the blood flowing in the arms.

These Best 7 Exercises for Stronger and greater Arms

Just like any other muscle group you need to provide the arms a great amount of time to relax, particularly given that they are associated with all various other upper body movements such as bench press, rows or pull-ups. Likewise, you must be consuming an adequate quantity of food– 1-1.5 g/lb of healthy protein and  2g/lb of carbohydrates in order to expand your arms.


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