Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory
Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory

Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory A recent study says that after every twenty-five, every ten decades, the number of ‘real memories’ required in our daily activities. From the twenty-fifth century onwards, the memory may decline. But through various brain exercises, memory can also be increased. The risk of forgetfulness can be reduced. Here are nine practices that can be used in regular practice to keep the memory hungry. Let’s know the ways to increase your memory.

Proper sleep to Increase Your Memory

Sleep problems, or even the lack of sleep for an hour, can create memories. Because when we sleep, the part of our brain called the hippocampus works to organize events throughout the day. Sleep disturbances impede brain function. 

Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory

As a result, you can become more mistaken. According to a new US study, eight hours of sleep per night in middle age can help to avoid Alzheimer’s at the end of the age. So good sleep is very important as a way to increase your memory.

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Close your eyes and think

Can’t find where you left the mobile? If you close your eyes for a while, you may remember. Scientists at the University of Surrey in the UK recently observed that answering questions with closed eyes provides good results. Some volunteers are assigned to such an examination. One group was asked to answer with one eye open and another group closed their eyes. 

Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory

It turns out that those who closed their eyes answered about 70 percent correctly. And those who answered with open eyes gave 40% correct answer. The researcher, Robert Nash, said: ‘Keeping eyes closed does not distract from anything in the neighborhood. It also helps to remember the details of an incident.

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Use left hand

Try to do what you do right-handed all the time in the left hand. Do not interrupt daily tasks in the same way. For example, in the morning, do the toothbrush occasionally or by hand. In the morning, change the way you go to the office one day. 

Experts at Harvard University say such shifts in daily routine are good for the brain. It increases the interaction of the brain cells with each other, enhances brain function, and prevents these cells from dying prematurely.

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Measure blood pressure

At one time, the veins of the veins may become narrow due to high blood pressure. Because of this, blood flow to the brain can be reduced and memory loss can occur. A study at the University of Alabama in the United States found that people with hypertension may have more memory problems. 

Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory

The higher the blood pressure, the more likely this problem may become. If you are over 40 and have a history of heart disease in the family, visit a doctor today and get a health checkup to Increase Your Memory.

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Calculate the cost to Increase Your Memory

Many people may not remember how much money is spent on shopping or in everyday life. But all these small calculations affect the daily functioning of the brain. They keep the brain active. And headgear is such a thing that the more you spend it, the more it will grow. 

Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory

Researchers say that since the age of 20, our memory of working memory, or daily activities, is reduced by 5 percent every decade. But various exercises help prevent this memory loss and helps to Increase Your Memory.

Keep in mind the weight

Keep weight under control as a way to increase memory. Researchers at the University of Toulouse, France, say that weight gain can lead to memory loss. The more weight a person has, the worse his memory is likely to be. 

Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory

Researchers believe that due to excess fat, the artery becomes thinner and blood vessels from the heart can be obstructed, as an obstruction in the blood vessels of the brain. As a result, if the blood is not circulated properly, it can also affect memory.

Eat Bread and rice to Increase Your Memory

The fertile brain of the Bengalis feels the mystery of Rice! The main fuel in the brain is carbohydrates. Carbohydrate-rich foods like rice and bread are very important for the brain. Wheat and rice are rich in some important ingredients of Vitamin B. 

Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory

And the absence of it can create amnesia. However, fish and meat should be eaten in addition to rice bread. Because many people are addicted to fish, there is also a demand for protein in the body.

Do Bargaining

It is a practice for many to negotiate a bargain. Or some controversy over something to be addressed. Researchers at Duke University in the United States say it’s good for the brain. Think about grocery shoppers, how much they have to keep in mind the bargains for small products. 

And we also talk about how much time we go to the store to buy. At that time, a particular part of the brain becomes active. Because, at the same time we have to do a lot of calculations, many things to keep in mind. As a way to increase your memory, tighten your prices as much as possible.

Eat Chicken to Increase Your Memory

Like an egg, choline is an important nutrient in chicken, fish and sesame vegetables. This is very good for the brain. Researchers say eating choline-rich foods develops memory and reduces the risk of getting infected with dementia. 

Develop These 9 Habits to Increase Your Memory

However, be sure to floss well whether you eat chicken or snacks made from it. Because poor health is not bad for memory. As a result, regular flossing along with brushing teeth can give you a lot of benefits.

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