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Drug rehabilitation or drug rehab as it is commonly known is the term used for the psychotherapeutic and medical treatment provided in stages for substance abuse, dependence on psychoactive substances, opiates and prescription medicines, street drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana. The main intent of the drug rehab is to cease substance abuse to avoid psychological, social and physical consequences of the addiction.

Statistics of drug addiction

As per the recent report of Drug Enforcement Agency on illegal trafficking and drug threats within the states, here are the top drugs that are abused:

* Cocaine
* Heroin
* Marijuana
* Methamphetamines
* Amphetamines
* MDMA or recreational drugs
* Illegally sold prescription medicines
* Opiates

These are considered to be prime threats by the public heath organizations such as World Health Organization (WHO) and National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) as there are nearly 40 million drug abuse related deaths and illnesses annually.

In addition to the drug addiction, there are further health complications such as cardiac irregularities, malnutrition, hypertension, organ failure and mental illnesses that co-exist. It has been seen that dual diagnosis is essential in most of the drug addiction cases are marred with or has been directly linked to depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and behavioral issues.

Why is drug rehab essential?

To eliminate the vicious cycle of drug addiction and substance abuse, drug rehabilitation is essential. All of the drug rehab facilities in the nation have a common aim of assisting individual overcoming drug addictions and substance abuse. However, the means of achieving the goal are different. Some of the drug rehabilitation facilities are patterned on traditional treatment plans while others follow the more modern approach of alternative and holistic treatments. The fundamental difference between traditional drug rehab and alternative drug rehab are many:

* Traditional rehab facilities have ‘one size- fit all’ type of rehab programs emphasizing on the physical symptoms of the addiction. The clinic like feel and outdated therapies have added to the reasons that there is a high failure rate.
* Alternative therapies consider the complete individual including the emotional, physical and mental aspects of the addiction while treating the individual in home like environments. The different therapies and alternative methods ensure that there is a complete recovery while aftercare and support groups assist the individual to love a life of sobriety.

Other than these patterns of treatment, there are a variety of drug rehab programs that an individual enters. Long term, residential, out-patient and short term drug rehab programs are available depending upon the individual’s level of addiction. After the individual leaves the drug rehab facilities, local support groups and after care groups that enhance the transition from the safe confines of the drug rehab facility back to the community.

You’ve Come to the Right Place

It can happen to anyone. It often strikes without warning, in response to stress or to happiness or nothing in particular. It can rob lives of promise, of good health, of life itself. It destroys families and is blind to income, status, or support. It is a problem that has as many faces as victims. And once it starts, it rarely goes away without a major struggle.

Drug addiction is a heartless and efficient killer of dreams. People in its clutches find their lives unraveling, losing control on every level: social, financial, physical, and psychological. Normal desires are muted in favor of one goal: to get high no matter the cost. Drug abuse comes in many forms, but all of them have the same dangers and all too often the same disastrous results.

But drug addiction in all its forms can be treated successfully. Our confidential and professional counselors will assess your unique situation and help you find the right drug rehabilitation program. One phone call, one e-mail, one distress signal to our referral service can save a life, a family, a future.

Drug Rehabilitation Is a Multi-Step Process

Most people only think to take drugs when they are sick. But people have also been taking mood- and mind-altering drugs for centuries. The stresses of modern life have led many people to seek escape through drugs, which often leads to drug addiction, a problem whose most noticeable symptom is a physical dependency on drugs.

The first step to treating this problem is detoxification, getting the addict to stop the drug cycle. But detox is also the most dangerous step in the process of rehabilitation. An addict’s body literally needs the drug to “feel right.” Unless the addiction is fed, the body suffers many discomforts of withdrawal, from minor to life-threatening, including:

* nausea
* excessive sweating
* tremors and shaking
* anxiety and severe depression
* insomnia
* hallucinations
* cardiovascular, liver, and gastronomical problems
* brain damage
* death from heart attack, stroke, or suicide

Most addicts cannot detox without help, and the best help is available at professional drug rehab centers. Addicts need medical attention when detoxing so that the worst symptoms and dangers can be safely treated and monitored.

A good drug rehab program provides a comfortable and secure place for a medically monitored detoxification. It is not a prison-the patient can leave at any time. But the patient also has the benefit of professional counseling, an environment free of temptations, and doctors standing by to temper the worst symptoms of detox, which can last several days.

After detox, addiction treatment continues with therapy and education programs designed to keep the patient from returning to drugs. Addiction is a problem that can only be addressed fully with the right type of rehabilitation. All rehabilitated addicts are at risk of returning to their deadly addictions, so the second stage of the recovery program is the longest and most difficult.

Years of practice and research have shown that professional drug rehabilitation is the most reliable and effective way to treat drug addiction. Many drug treatment centers offer different kinds of therapies and practices, as well as continuing education programs like cognitive therapy and life skills counseling designed to keep the patient off drugs for good. Our counselors can help you find the right drug rehab facility for your needs and budget.

Action, Communication, Support Are the Keys to Drug Treatment

Chances are you’re here because you or someone you love is addicted to drugs. You’ve experienced the lying, the unusual behavior, the failing finances, the physical deterioration, and the psychological torment that comes with drug addiction.

But knowing you may have a drug problem is not enough-you have to take action to make drug rehabilitation possible, to take back your life. Professional drug rehab treatment centers offer the best support for long-term results. After all, fighting drug addiction is a lifelong war.

We’re here because we care about your life, and because we know how to help you find the best possible drug addiction rehab. Our dedicated counselors are available around the clock. We offer completely free, confidential, and objective advice. You are not obligated to take any action or pay us any fees.

All we ask is that you take action. Call our toll-free number now.

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