Candida Cleanse For Regaining Your Health

Candida Albicans is a bacteria which when in an acidic condition will multiply, leading to a yeast infection. Candida can cause havoc on your entire system, and cleansing your system is the first step in getting rid of Candida for good. Before we get into the Candida cleanse I want to go over some of the symptoms of Candida, in case you are not sure whether you suffer from a yeast infection of not.

If you can identify with any of these Candida symptoms then you may have an yeast infection. However if you identify with more than two of these symptoms then you most likely have an are wondering whether you have a yeast infection.

Inability to concentrate
Heart murmurs
Itchy, inflamed, scaly skin
Irregular menstrual cycle
Painful joints
Shortness of breath
Food allergies
Foul body odour
Sore muscles

There are many other symptoms of a Candida infection but these are some of the most common. If you have any of these symptoms you can do a home test by doing the Candida cleanse and then seeing whether the symptoms disappear.

A Candida cleanse is your first step to freedom from this parasite which is compromising your bodies health and vitality.

Cleaning the colon
The first step in clearing Candida is to cleans the colon. You can either go for a colonic or you can do a colon cleanse at home. One very good colon cleanse is drinking a half glass of tepid water with one to two teaspoons of Epsom salts first thing in the morning. The salts should work within half an hour, repeat for 7 days and do it once every second month. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and to flush out toxins. Epsom salts can be dangerous when dosages are high so do not exceed this dosage.

Colon cleanse diet
Now that you have eliminated the excess yeast in the system you have to starve the yeast which is present in your body. Candida will thrive in an environment which is acidic, so you need to make your body as alkaline as possible. Favour a diet which is high in fresh vegetable, fresh fruit ( eliminate fruit completely at the beginning of the diet), whole grains, fresh fish and meat, water, Greek plain yogurt, and herbal teas.

You should avoid all foods which cause an acid PH in the body. Stay away from wheat of all kinds, sugar, processed meat and processed foods, carbonated drinks, coffee and tea.

Probiotic supplements

Supplementing your diet with probiotics, will help the good bacteria to grow while it starves the yeast infection. Probiotics keep the digestive system healthy and is needed when doing a Candida cleanse. You can find probiotics in yoghurt so eat as much natural yoghurt as possible. I mix my yoghurt with two teaspoons of flax seed to help maintain intestinal health.

A Candida cleanse should not be seen as a time fix all treatment, but as life style change. You need to be committed to a healthy diet which promotes alkalinity. You also need to keep your gut as clean as possible, with the use of probiotics to assist the good bacteria in doing their jobs.

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