Is Coral Calcium a Scam?

I realize that a lot of people are concern over the bad publicity that coral calcium has received in the media lately. I would like to take a minute and address some of the concerns about coral calcium. We are all concerned about what supplements are good or bad for our health.

First of all, what is the FDA’s and FTC’s view points about coral calcium? They really are not concerned about coral calcium products themselves, they are concerned if there are claims being made about coral calcium treating or curing diseases without medical studies backing it up. If you make a claim that your product helps a disease, then it is classified as a drug instead of a dietary supplement. To be a drug, you have to have FDA approval and it costs millions of dollars in medical studies to establish the proof needed. Since coral calcium is a dietary supplement, it doesn’t need the approval of the FDA or the FTC to be sold.

What about the FTC actions taken on Robert Barefoot? He was making claims on a national TV info-commerical about it curing diseases. This is a no-no. He may be right in what he is saying, but since he is not selling a drug, he can not make the claims. His TV ads were pulled by the FTC and he had to pay damages. He was releying on testamonials from customers of his product, coral calcium supreme. These in themselves are not acceptable proof that the product cure disease. Coral Calcium in fact has helped a lot of people, but this can not be said in an ad.

The FTC has not stated that coral calcium is bad for your health. They simply said that claims made about diseases can not be used in ads. How do you know if coral calcium is right for you? Either asked your doctor or try it a see what results you may experience. Since we have money back guarantees in place, you can try it risk free and return it if you are not happy with the results.

What is coral calcium? In simple terms, it is a mineral supplement. The main mineral found in coral calcium is indeed calcium. That’s where it gets it name from. It actually has a total of 75 minerals in it, and it is found naturally in nature. Everybody needs to get more minerals into their daily diets, this in my opinion is a good way to do it. Magnesium is the second largest mineral found in coral calcium. Magnesium is need to absorb calcium into the body. In marine coral calcium, it is in what is considered by many to be the perfect ratio, 2 parts calcium to 1 part magnesium. In above sea level coral calcium’s, it is found in much smaller amounts and is usually added by the manufacture.

Also important in the absorptions of calcium into the body is getting plenty of vitamin D. The main way most people get vitamin D is from either being out in the sunshine or through their diets, such as drinking milk. In order to increase the calcium absorption of coral calcium, the manufactures have added vitamin D to the product. Without it, you would not benefit from the calcium very much.

Another thing to consider is vitamins. In order to make coral calcium a superior vitamin and mineral supplement, Many manufactures have added vitamins to the formula. If you are not getting vitamins from your daily diet or through other supplementation, then I would recommend that you use one of the formulas that include vitamins. These include Preferred Coral Calcium Plus. All of these are found on our web site. Remember to read the label in order to determine if vitamins are added or not.

If you get plenty of vitamins in your daily diet or you prefer to get them through the use of another dietary supplement, the look for a formula that has no vitamins added other than vitamin D. Some of these include Preferred Balance Coral Calcium or Coral Calcium 1. I bring this up because I don’t want you to get to many vitamins in your diet.

Some people claim that the price of coral calcium is to high. It used to be, but in recent months the price has come down quite a bit, making it a lower cost source for minerals and vitamins. You can now get coral calcium for as low as 30 cents a day.

Remember that the FDA has not determined if coral calcium is a good dietary supplement or not. It was just stating the claims about diseases can not be made without medical studies. This is the case if the information is true or not. Without medical studies, the claim can not be made period. I recommend that coral calcium is a good source of vitamins and minerals. You will have to do your own research to learn the many benefits of adding more vitamins and minerals to your daily diet.

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