Office worker most susceptible to five major Syndrome

1. Bento syndrome
The pace of work, make the urban white-collar depend more and more on lunch box, this to people’s health brings hidden trouble. Because business lunch box of roadway, lack of food hygiene conditions and nutrition knowledge, often use strong condiment, often eat the bento fire easily, appear pharyngeal pain, oral ulcer, toothache, abdominal distension and constipation symptoms. In addition, some fresh meat with Fried, Fried, long-term edible easily suffer from gastrointestinal disease, do not move.

2. Monday syndrome
Have a nice weekend, Monday at work is a little lazy, spirit and lax, this is “Monday syndrome”. According to professional institutions of survey data show that Monday to hospital patients is obviously higher than that of the other day 10% one 20%, among them the majority appear have a headache, aching, elevated blood pressure, and hand pain, neck pain wait for a phenomenon. A “Monday syndrome” main reason is because many staff in order to relax, some people desperately more sleep, some people crazy entertainment, disturb the normal work and rest time and life rule and no scientific and effective adjustment, lead to loss of immunity much performance is poor spirit.

3. Night snack syndrome
Night control function of gastrointestinal tract of parasympathetic nerve activity is less BaiTianJiang, gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of food ability is strong, and nightlife, often eat too much food of high quantity of heat, easy cause obesity, insomnia, memory decline, in the morning do not think of food to wait for a symptom. Also due to the lack of sleep at night, the human body biological clock is interference, the function of the nervous system happens disorder, easily induced neurasthenia, high blood pressure, canker, etc.

4. Time syndrome
Time syndrome refers to people on time pay too much attention to the reaction from the mood swings, physiological change phenomenon. Nowadays, the fast pace of modern life, make urban white-collar feel time is used not quite, more and more to the cause of the focus on pressing time fret, tension over, this will cause heart rate increase, elevated blood pressure, and the symptom such as shortness of breath.

5. Stay up late syndrome
The rich and colorful nightlife city, attracting more people to join the ranks of the nightlife, make some people gradually began to form the habit of sleeping late, even stay up late, sleep more disease. Clinical confirmed that in the long run, will lead to human nervous system, endocrine system disorders, and then there loss of appetite, the symptom such as insomnia.

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