The Dietary Nutrition Not Less Six Principles To Eat Breakfast

1. Do not eat breakfast susceptible to disease. Don’t eat breakfast means you haven’t to eat any food for 18 hours. It is very unhealthy and easy to cause gastrointestinal disease, gallstones, cholesterol, etc. For children growing up is the more harmful.

2. Don’t eat breakfast is easy to obesity. Studies have found that people who skip breakfast and at the other two meals they will eat more, and more likely to choose the junk food.
3. The metabolism of breakfast to start a day. Eating breakfast makes you start the metabolism of a day, helps the body adjust food intake, weight control.
4. Don’t eat breakfast tend to malnutrition. Don’t eat breakfast, the body can only use stored body nutrition, can easily lead to anemia and the body resistance will be decline.
5. Eating breakfast makes you concentrate. You need a healthy breakfast with excitation energy, let your mind run properly. Whether it is work or exams, to feed the brain is very important.
6. Don’t eat breakfast, let you eat unhealthy food. and the lack of a healthy breakfast to start a day will cause you in the day for the rest of the food to make bad decisions. If you are hungry, you are more likely to choose unhealthy fast food.
7. Make you happy for breakfast. Healthy blood sugar levels let you not so irascible. You need to maintain balance blood sugar levels, and can complete the special work for breakfast.
8. Breakfast food is very delicious. Breakfast time, can let yourself enjoy dessert high-energy foods, hot chocolate, he lie? 9. Breakfast is the best time to drink coffee of the day. Only drink coffee in the morning, and will not affect your sleep and rest. Therefore, make an excuse as a cup of coffee for breakfast.
1. Heat is unfavorable and overmuch: breakfast intake according to the size, age, and some of the differences in of itself; But suggestions about 400 to 500 calories are more appropriate, or about a quarter of all the requirement for 1 day.

2. The combination of equilibrium: as far as possible should be included at least three kinds of foods. Breakfast for 500 kcs can combine a lot of food, but don’t eat a single nutrients, at least contains carbohydrates (like: bread, steamed bread and porridge), protein (such as: eggs, fish, tofu, etc.) and dairy (milk, yogurt, yogurt), of course do spare capacity, coupled with, such as lettuce salad, fruit, vegetables is more balanced.
3. High in dairy products: because the dairy in addition to providing protein, it is the main source of “calcium”, the milk as a breakfast drink every day, also can avoid the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages.
4. Don’t use alternative fruit juice: Because of the high fruit juice sugar content, a lot less than fresh fruit and fibre, vitamins will be destroyed, nutritional value than fruit.
5. Avoid too much grease: use less oil Fried, Fried, Fried food and strong tastes for breakfast, such as: potato cake, scallion pancakes, Fried noodles, etc., so as not to cause gastrointestinal too big burden, and raise the risk of high blood lipid.
6. Breakfast beverages: need to increase the B vitamins, amino acids, and dietary intake of fiber components.

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