5 Diet Recipes Treatment Marmalade

1 Hysterical trance spirit , laughing and crying impermanence disorders , insomnia , mood swings more , jujube 15 , floating wheat 50 grams , 10 grams of licorice , protect the heart , sedation Sadashi.

Dosage: wash more than 3 kinds of herbs go cook for 1 hour after the consumption of licorice .
2 Starshih spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, upset stomach, make the body tired fatigue , frequent diarrhea and other symptoms , 10 Jujubes, yam 10 grams, 10 grams of lotus seeds , 100 grams of rice , Qi and spleen , virtual fitness effect .

Dosage : cooking jujube, Chinese yam, lotus seeds and rice in broth , the consumption of them in the morning and in the evening.
3 Hepatitis and pulmonary tuberculosis recreation , physical weakness and fatigue , weakness , jujube 500 grams of meat, sugar amount Qi tonic.
Dosage : Wash jujube to go nuclear , cooked with water to a paste with the container in the early evening , take about 1 tablespoon .
4 Adjuvant treatment of allergic diseases ( allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, allergic purpura, urticaria, etc. ) , the daily dose of 50 to 100 g of fresh jujube dates or 20 to 50, holds and antiallergic action.

Dosage: Wash informal event , allergy symptoms have disappeared.
5 Chronic conditions or serious illnesses fragile, marmalade 30grams, 30grams peanuts , 100 g lamb, a little spice , tonic, nourishing spleen.
Dosage: Wash the lamb into small pieces in the jam and peanut chopped herbs , cover with water , with a large fire extinguishing 2:00 to eat meat and drink the soup.

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