What Food is Bad For Children Body Development

What food is bad for children body development

Children should not eat more than 5 grams of salts daily. If children eat salt excessively, it may cause high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, brain cancer, and so on.

The tea contains a lot of tannic acid, tannin will be synthesis of the body’s iron to produce iron tannic acid. The human body is difficult to absorb this acid, and therefore cause iron deficiency. Baby iron deficiency can cause anemia. Intelligence will be damaged.

Kids eat candy and drinks are now joined the saccharin. Results: eat more saccharin causes the blood vessels, heart, lungs, peripheral nerve disease, and the impact of the stomach, liver, bronchus, bladder and other organs function.

Animal fats:
If children eat too much animal fat, not only easily lead to obesity, children also affect the absorption of calcium. Over time, it may cause human body calcium deficiency, and cause a variety of diseases.

Jelly is not extracted from the juice of sugar, it is a viscous material, a mixture of acid material, pigment, saccharin, although some jelly added nutrients, however, he is toxic to the human body. Eating too much jelly will affect human development, impairing his intellect.

Coke contains a certain amount of caffeine, which can stimulate the central nervous system and produce a bad effect on the human body. The children of many tissues and organs are not yet fully developed, their drug abuse and detoxification capacity are still weak, and therefore, the problem may be more serious, so it is better to less drink Coke.

In the baking process, will produce carcinogenic substances. For example, 20 aniline, and 3.4 benzopyrene. If children eat too much barbecue, these carcinogens may build up in his body, to induce cancer.

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